Electric Department

The Village of Mount Horeb owns and operates its own electric distribution system within the Village and surrounding area serving approximately 3,600 customers. Mount Horeb Electric Utility is one of 82 municipal-owned utilities in Wisconsin that provides low rates and reliable and safe electricity to our customers. We offer:

  • Service extensions to new homes
  • Utility line location - please call Diggers Hotline at 811
  • Estimates for new primary extensions and service upgrades
  • After hours trouble service - please call 608-437-3084
  • Drop services for tree trimmers (during business hours)
  • Meter testing

Meter Reading & Billing

Gone are the days when a utility employee would walk to each and every meter to ‘read' it. Mount Horeb Utilities collects usage data from your electric meter automatically through our advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) devices. Our data collection devices read your meter and import that information into our billing software to help produce your monthly billing statement.

In some cases, our data collection devices are not able to communicate with your meter to retrieve consumption data. In that event, we provide you with an estimated billing statement. That estimate is based on your normal usage history for that time of year. Any difference between the amount actually used and the estimated amount billed is corrected automatically when the next regular meter reading is obtained.  Ultimately, you pay only for the amount of energy actually used.