What You Need to Apply

Try to collect as much of the needed information as you can before applying for your energy assistance benefits.

Collect Your Documents

For you and everyone else living in your household:

  • Date of birth
  • Social Security Number (or government issued ID number)
  • Income information (wages, social security, unemployment compensation, etc.)

The types of energy that you use:

  • Fuel type(s) – Electric, natural gas, oil, propane, etc.
  • Name of your energy utility (that’s us, Testville Utilities)
  • Account number (as shown on your bill)

Your landlord or property management company information (if applicable):

Your application cannot be processed without this information.

  • Landlord first and last name or full company name
  • Address, and phone number

Upload Your Documents

To gain faster online approval of your assistance funds, during the application process you should upload any pertinent documents from the information listed above. Documents uploaded may include:

  • Photo ID
  • Proof of Wisconsin residency or citizenship: driver’s license, rental lease, property tax record, passport or birth certificate
  • Recent utility bill
  • Documents showing monthly income: check stubs, tax documents or award letters

Apply for your Benefits Today!