Lead line replacements have begun.  If you have not yet contacted a plumber, please do so. (Full letter and approved plumber list here).

If you live on Main Street, your water lines are on hold. The state is running the highway traffic into town and I will not be able to replace the water main or lead lines until the highway projects are finished in the future.

The list of streets that we are looking at doing water main work on are as follows:

  • North Second Street from Forest Street to the Dead End
  • North Third Street from Forest to Park Street
  • Oak Street to include Thompson Street starting at North Third Street
  • East Main Street from Eighth Street to Springdale Street
  • South Sixth Street
  • South Seventh Street in the 100 Block

If you do not live on one of these streets and you do have lead, please call the plumbers to get on the list for lead line replacements.

Josh Hyndman, Water Superintendent - Mount Horeb Utilities


Cell (262) 215-8723  -  Office (608)437-9431