Event Date: 
Tuesday - January 11, 2022 - 12pm


Dear Water Customers,

I have received a few calls about an insurance company, Home Serve, trying to sell customers insurance policies for their water lines. Home Serve reached out to the Mount Horeb Water Utility late last year asking to partner with us; we as the utility were not interested in what they were offering.

Mount Horeb Water Utility owns and is responsible for the water mains to the curb stops or main shut off in the front yards. From the curb stops or main shut off to the water meter in the house is the homeowner’s responsibility. You as a homeowner are able to pick up this insurance if you wish. Mount Horeb Water Utility only deals with a few services leaks a year. Most of the time they are where a connection is. Your water shut off (curb stop) would be an example of a connection.

Mount Horeb Water Utility is not telling you that you should or should not pick up this insurance. We wanted you to know where your responsibility as a homeowner starts and stops, and that we have very few water service leaks a year at homes in Mount Horeb.

If you have more questions feel free to reach out to me and I will be glad to answer your questions.


Josh Hyndman

Mount Horeb Utilities

Cell (262) 215-8723

Office (608)437-9431