New Billing Changes!

Please be advised that Mount Horeb Utilities will be making a gradual change to the billing cycle dates over the coming months in order to better align usage periods with the billing period.  Our end goal by July will be a bill date of the 10th of each month, with the bill being due the 30th of each month.  Please plan accordingly so as not to make a late payment.

Planned billing schedule:

Bill Read Date          Bill Issue Date          Bill Due Date

3/1/21                       3/16/21                    4/6/21

4/1/21                       4/14/21                    5/5/21

4/30/21                     5/12/21                    6/4/21

6/1/21                       6/11/21                    7/2/21

6/30/21                     7/9/21                      7/30/21