New Billing Changes!

Please be advised that Mount Horeb Utilities will be making a gradual change to the billing cycle dates over the coming months in order to better align usage periods with the billing period.  Our end goal by July will be a bill date of the 10th of each month, with the bill being due the 30th of each month.

Please plan accordingly so as not to make a late payment.

If you currently use our automatic payment service through bank account withdrawal, note that starting on July 30, your payment will be withdrawn on the due date and no longer on the 5th of each month.

Planned billing schedule:

Bill Read Date          Bill Issue Date          Bill Due Date

3/1/21                       3/16/21                    4/6/21

4/1/21                       4/14/21                    5/5/21

4/30/21                     5/12/21                    6/4/21

6/1/21                       6/11/21                    7/2/21

6/30/21                     7/9/21                      7/30/21